Empowered Learning by Design is a one-woman educational consultation and design service that assists you in developing experiential and embodied learning opportunities for your children, students, schools, business, or non-profit organizations.We believe that people learn best by doing, and we design experiences where learning arises naturally.

ELD specializes in creating travel and outdoor experiences, as well as community-based service-learning opportunities that integrate the lessons you hope to inspire. All programs are created for the whole person, and therefore have an underlying focus on embodiment and self-awareness.

ELD collaborates with local partners to create short-term or long-term relationships based upon your individual needs. Each program is tailored your specifications. Programs are designed after extensive interviews regarding your particular needs.

Additionally, ELD can create materials for use prior to- or during the experience, as well as follow-up assessments, evaluations and/or assignments to demonstrate learning or serve as a template for guiding conversations to ‘unpack’ the experience.

ELD can also provide grant-writing services to fund your programs.

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