Somatic Training

Amanda is currently pursuing somatic studies in a variety of venues. The study of somatics is the development of body awareness — how do I feel in my body? And what are the nuances of my own embodied experience and how can I increase my own fluency in inhabiting my own body? I have found in my own work that my range of experience expands as I explore and learn to inhabit all of the places within my body.

I will begin training in Body-Mind Centering this June, and aim to become a certified Somatic Movement Educator by August 2017.

This work takes my experience as an Experiential Educator to the next level, asking not only what we are experiencing but how we are experiencing it.

Current Training

2014-present: Andover Educator trainee with David Nesmith.

Mentor: Dr. Gill Wright Miller

Workshops I have attended:

Embodied Performance Training with Body Cartography Project

Dancing with Anna, with Anna Halprin – a 95 year old revolutionary dance-maker

Body and Earth with Andrea Olsen and Caryn McHose